Aesculap Biologics is currently conducting a Phase 3 clinical trial for NOVOCART® 3D

Within the last decades, exciting advances in cellular research have allowed medicine to acquire a new area of focus- regenerative medicine. Regenerative approaches to medicine focus on encouraging the body to repair damaged or diseased tissue. In some areas, the body can be persuaded to recreate and integrate new tissue in the place of old tissue.

The regenerative medicine approach to the repair of tissues and organs damaged by injury, disease and aging is rapidly emerging as a disruptive technology that promises to transform healthcare worldwide. Through the overlap of cell and molecular biology, biomaterial and bioengineering disciplines, the vision of restoring and extending a patient’s normal, active lifestyle without the use of plastic, metal or foreign tissue parts is no longer science fiction. The use of cells, biomaterials and bioactive mediators, either alone or in combination, can stimulate and guide natural repair mechanisms to produce fully functional, native tissues. This bench to bedside translation of basic academic science principles provides new alternatives to the treatment of a diverse range of unmet clinical needs that encompass musculoskeletal-related conditions, soft tissue wounds, cardio- and peripheral vascular diseases, neurological disorders and stroke.

Aesculap Biologics focuses on the manufacturing of tissue engineered products for the regeneration of diseased or damaged joint tissues. A Phase 3 clinical trial is currently being conducted for NOVOCART 3D, a tissue engineered cell-based product designed to repair articular cartilage defects of the knee.


Product Pipeline

Aesculap Biologics, LLC focuses on biological approaches to the repair and regeneration of diseased or damaged tissues. Using a combination of cells and smart biomaterial devices, Aesculap Biologics’ products may stimulate and support the synthesis of new tissue and enhance the body’s own regenerative power. Aesculap Biologics is currently in late stage development of NOVOCART 3D, a tissue engineered, cell-based product designed to repair articular cartilage defects of the knee. Biologic approaches to tissue repair and regeneration represent the future in health care worldwide. Future targets for research and development include the spine and hip.

NOVOCART 3D is an investigational product and the subject of a Phase 3 clinical trial in the United States.