Aesculap Biologics

New Frontiers in Regenerative Medicine 

Aesculap was founded in 1867 in Tuttlingen, Germany and has grown into the largest and one of the most respected manufacturers of surgical instruments in the world. Over the years, Aesculap has continued to evolve into a diversified healthcare corporation by focusing its expertise in the areas of orthopaedics, spinal implants, neurosurgery, vascular systems and sutures.

B. Braun acquired Aesculap in 1996. B. Braun is a private company which was founded in 1839 in Melsungen, Germany. It is one of the world's top ten diversified medical companies with revenues in excess of $4 Billion. Aesculap is the surgical division within the B. Braun family of companies.

In order to continue to bring innovative products to its customer base, Aesculap Biologics, LLC was established in January 2012 as a new company focused on biological approaches to the repair and regeneration of diseased or damaged tissues. Using a combination of cells, growth factors and smart biomaterial devices, Aesculap Biologics products are intended to stimulate and support the synthesis of new tissue and enhance the body’s own regenerative power.

Aesculap Biologics is currently conducting a Phase 3 clinical trial to bring NOVOCART® 3D to the U.S. from Europe, where it originated and has been implanted in more than 9,000 patients since 2003. NOVOCART 3D is a tissue engineered cell-based product designed to repair articular cartilage defects of the knee.

The development of regenerative products, such as NOVOCART 3D, requires a diverse range of expertise. Aesculap Biologics is comprised of a group of professionals with experience in cell and molecular biology, clinical trial management, cell-based product manufacturing, materials management, quality assurance and control, and regulatory affairs. Biologic approaches to tissue repair and regeneration represent the future in healthcare worldwide. Aesculap Biologics’ mission ensures that we will be ready for the challenge.