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Aesculap Biologics, LLC focuses on biological approaches to the repair and regeneration of diseased or damaged tissues. Using a combination of cells and smart biomaterial devices, Aesculap Biologics’ products may stimulate and support the synthesis of new tissue and enhance the body’s own regenerative power. Aesculap Biologics is currently in late stage development of NOVOCART® 3D, a tissue engineered, cell-based product designed to repair articular cartilage defects of the knee. Biologic approaches to tissue repair and regeneration represent the future in health care worldwide. Future targets for research and development include the spine and hip.

Become a part of the NOVOCART® 3D clinical trial

Do you suffer from knee pain due to a cartilage injury? You may be eligible to participate in a research study of the investigational product NOVOCART 3D, a biologic/device combination product designed to restore damaged knee cartilage.