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About Your KneeAbout Your Knee

Every day, you put strain on your joints in many different ways. The knee is one of the most complex joints in the human body – and it does some heavy work. For example, each step you take puts a load 5 ½ times your body weight on your knee (if you weigh 160 pounds, that means 880 pounds), and when you jump, it’s even more. This is because of the tiny surface area of the joint – all of your body weight, compounded by the force of gravity, focuses on the small surface area of your knee joint. Cartilage is what allows you to absorb all of the weight and to move smoothly, even under a large amount of force. Aesculap Biologics is focused on treating damaged knee cartilage through regenerative technologies.

The knee is an incredibly important part of your body- and one you use in most of your daily activities. Once it is injured it is slow to heal, due to the few blood vessels that supply the tissue, ligaments and cartilage located in the knee. Injury to the knee can come from many causes, such as a sports injury (twisting or pivoting), disease (like osteochondritis dessicans) or general wear and tear that ultimately causes degenerative changes and can lead to osteoarthritis.

Become a part of the NOVOCART® 3D clinical trial

Do you suffer from knee pain due to a cartilage injury? You may be eligible to participate in a research study of the investigational product NOVOCART 3D, a biologic/device combination product designed to restore damaged knee cartilage.