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Innovative Solutions in Healthcare

Advances in healthcare are made from a willingness to face change with innovative solutions which shape the future of medicine. This means taking responsibility for recognizing opportunities in the marketplace and identifying the customer’s needs. As a leading healthcare company, Aesculap is fully aware of this responsibility. The brand promise, “Sharing Expertise,” stands for the continual exchange of knowledge and experience in medicine.

Aesculap continues to contribute to medical advancements from the perspective of the healthcare professional; and the patient – through innovation, efficiency and sustainability. As an independent, family-owned business, Aesculap embraces the opportunities presented by the global marketplace.

The Foundation of our Business

Aesculap - Center Valley, PAGrowth from our own resources – The B. Braun group of companies, including the Aesculap Division, remains a privately-held family business. Company growth is financed through internal resources and innovative strength, and the commitment to uphold this directive for future generations.

Sharing Expertise – Whether it’s with customers, patients, physicians or nurses, sharing expertise is the method by which we all become more efficient and innovative. It is also the way in which we work together to improve the quality of care.

Product Excellence – Aesculap’s history and foundation for business was built upon superior products, and to this, the company remains committed.

Aesculap - St. LouisEmployee Ambassadors – Aesculap has a commitment not only to customers, but also to its employees, who are ambassadors to the marketplace. As the employees prosper and grow, so does the company.

Innovation as a Driving Force – Innovation in products and processes is a driving force, and is a constant spirit that drives Aesculap’s future.

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Do you suffer from knee pain due to a cartilage injury? You may be eligible to participate in a research study of the investigational product NOVOCART 3D, a biologic/device combination product designed to restore damaged knee cartilage.